Hynautic Controls

Separate left and right sending units can be used as either shift or throttle controls. The sender face is brushed anodized aluminium, as is the handle. Optional mounting plate simplifies side-by-side installation.
By incorporating a double check valve in the system, throttles cannot be retarded by heavy duty governor springs common to most large engines. Quick disconnect linkage at the engine allow for independent throttle operation while servicing the engine.
A spring-loaded clutch detent on each shift slave ensures that all stations register a distinct feel when the transmission is in neutral. Also available is an optional Neutral Safety switch kit which prevents the engine from starting while the transmission is in gear.
The reservoir maintains the fluid reserve and pressure for the hydraulic system. Clear sight tube makes visual fluid level inspection easy. The lower charging valve section keeps all parts of the system under positive fluid pressure.
** Dependable control for luxury cruisers, workboats and commercial fishing boats - ‘nothing moves boats better’.
** Proven performance and reliability for over 30 years.
** Provide precise control of shift and throttle without friction, backlash or lost motion.
** Up to four stations possible depending on length of tubing run.
** Unique and highly accepted feel.
** Simple installation.

Hynautic User Manual &
Installation Instructions

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