Hydraulic Hoses are required to provide a path for the fluid to flow under pressure from the helm pump to the cylinder.

SeaStar hoses are a custom multi-layered composite design, ‚Äčengineered specifically for SeaStar systems.
They are designed to exceed SAE and ABYC specifications and provide precise steering control not achievable with hydraulic industry standard hoses.

Due to performance and safety concerns, SeaStar recommends that ONLY SeaStar or SeaStar Pro hoses be used in SeaStar steering systems.

We manufacture GENUINE
hose assemblies!

Factory Kits
Custom Hoses
Custom Kits

Choose from standard sizes or have one custom made for your application. Custom hoses are the perfect solution for towers, additional stations, and custom boats.

You can also get just one hose to replace a damaged one.
‚ÄčNo need to buy a kit - you can now replace a single hose with the OEM hose assembly rather than buying a kit you don't need or taking a chance on an aftermarket hose.

Of course, if you need a kit, we have those as well. We also provide kits for boat manufacturers' repeat applications.
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