When you send your unit to us, it doesn't just get seals installed.
It is disassembled, cleaned and inspected with calibrated precision measuring tools to reveal any defects that might be overlooked otherwise. Parts that do not meet factory specs are replaced. After a positive inspection, it is resealed, assembled and tested on our custom-designed cylinder and helm test stands. Testing entails purging air from the cylinder, and cycling numerous times. After purging air, the cylinder is fully stroked in both directions and held under rated pressure for a period of time while observing the test gauges and visually checking for external leaks.  Each and every component is handled by us as if it were going on our own boat.

Let us Know What You Have

If you can't read the numbers on the helm/cylinder, size/year/make of  motor(s) should help. Send photos to Sales@BoatSteer.com We'll respond
with the availability of exchange, remanufacture, or replacement.


Send us your unit.  We'll look it over when it comes in and if we have one
ready to go, we'll call to collect payment and send you a
re-manufactured unit with a warranty.


Drain all fluids and wrap unit well (plastic bags and padding).  Ship it to us.
We will inspect the item and contact you to discuss the options and handle payment. 

New Hydraulic Hoses - in standard and custom lengths. 
New Components - from o-rings to complete systems.